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Water pipes
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We combine our outstanding customer service with top quality products and the expertise to help you find what you need. We want our customers to have the best, and we are always striving to improve.

At our vape shop, you can find the disposable vape pen you need, the best vape accessories, and disposable vape flavors. We are not your average vaporizer cigarette store. We strive to bring you the best products at competitive prices.

If you’re looking for something different, we can help you find a water pipe or a hookah, with hookah flavors for every taste. We have glass pipes, glass water pipes, and all the smoke accessories you can imagine, all in one place.

Besides the great products in our shop, we also offer exceptional service and the knowledge you need to get what you want. Whether it’s glass pipes, vapes or smokes, Blaze Smoke Shop has everything you need, in one place.

Visit Blaze Smoke Shop today, you won’t be disappointed!

About Us

Blaze Smoke Shop is your top choice in Miami for anything and everything you want at a smoke shop.

We have the products you need, the prices you want, and the expertise to help you if you’re not quite sure exactly what you want. Our friendly customer service will ensure you leave the store with a smile.

We have the smoke shop products you expect and the extras you didn’t know you needed. We have vaporizer cigarettes, water pipes, hookahs and more.

And, we have exceptional customer service. We’ve been in business since X, and we know smoke.

Visit Blaze Smoke Shop today, you won’t be disappointed!

Our products

At Blaze Smoke Shop, we pride ourselves on having the products for everyone who comes through the door. We know what you want in a smoke shop, and we can help you choose what’s best.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find when you visit the top choice for smoke shops in Miami:

Water pipes

We have water pipes of every size and design.


There are single or multi-stemmed hookahs available.

Disposable vape

These are not the e-cigarettes of old. We have the disposable vapes that offer performance in a variety of flavors.


We have every size and style of vaporizer and the expertise to help you pick the right one.

Glass pipes

We’ve got a large selection of glass pipes in every shape and style.


Whatever you need, we’ve got the top smoke shop accessories, from papers to stash cans to grinders.

If you’ve got a special request, let us know. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you choose the product that’s right for you.

Water Pipes

A water pipe works by drawing smoke through the water to cool it. Some people refer to water pipes by different names, such as bong, water bong or bubbler.

Whatever you choose to call it, we have a multitude of sizes and styles of water pipes available. Our glass bongs have different styles for different tastes, and can be a real conversation piece. Choose a basic water pipe or a specialty one designed to bring a smile to your face.

If you’re a first-timer, our staff can help you pick what’s best. If you know what you want, we can find that too. Our selection is always changing so we can offer the best water pipes, even for collectors, and we offer competitive prices too.

We have your perfect water pipe, in every shape and size, to meet every smoker’s needs.

Visit Blaze Smoke Shop today, you won’t be disappointed!


Hookah is a special pipe with ancient origins, and these days it’s common to see hookah lounges where people gather to enjoy them together.

But why bother going to a hookah lounge, when we can set you up at home? As Miami’s best hookah shop, we sell a wide variety of hookah glass pipes, which can be single stemmed or have multiple stems, making “hookah” a social event.

A hookah includes an instrument for heating and then smoking tobacco, with the smoke passing through a water basin before coming up the stem for you to inhale. Hookah glass water basins can be different styles, so you can have a unique look to your own personal hookah lounge.

The tobacco is often flavored, so to really make the experience special, we also have a variety of hookah flavors for every taste. You really don’t need any other hookah shop for all your needs. Blaze Smoke Shop has it all.

Disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are a popular item in smoke shops, and Blaze Smoke Shops won’t disappoint if you’re looking for the best.

Whether you’re making the transition from cigarettes to vaping, or you’ve enjoyed vapes for a while, we carry disposable vape products for everyone. These are not the e-cigarettes of old. A disposable vape performs well, is easy to use, and even comes in different disposable vape flavors.

Choose from different styles, including cigarette look-alikes, and choose a flavor if you want. Choose from among different nicotine strengths. Choose a variety or sampler pack to get you started.

Then just open the package and you’re ready to smoke the disposable vape pen. There’s no need to buy anything but the disposable vape, perfect to take with you, to help you off the cigarette habit, or to give you the occasional boost when you want it.

If you’re not sure where to start, our friendly and experienced staff can help. Visit Blaze Smoke Shop today, you won’t be disappointed!


Vaporizers are a popular option today, providing an easy way to smoke tobacco products without producing odor or harmful chemicals. That’s because vaporizers heat tobacco (or waxes, oil, or herbs) and convert it to a smooth inhale. You get the effects and the flavor without the toxins usually released by a cigarette.

Vaporizers can be different, with different heating points depending on the product you’ll be smoking. There are portable vaporizers, small and easy to transport, or table top vaporizers.

We have everything you would expect in a vaporizer cigarette store, including a choice of an E cigarette vaporizer pen, electronic cigarette vaporizer liquid, all the way up to larger, more expensive vaporizers.

And if you’re not sure exactly what you want, then our staff has the expertise to help you make your selection. We’ve got it at Blaze Smoke Shop.

Glass Pipes

If you’re looking for glass pipes, then Blaze Smoke Shop is your first stop. Our glass pipes come in every shape and size, so you may want more than one.

Choose a small glass dry pipe, which is small, handheld and portable enough to take everywhere. Or pick from among our glass water pipes, cooling the smoke before you inhale. Or pick one of each glass smoking pipes, since we have styles for every smoker.

We have stylized glass pipes of birds and animals. We have every color of the rainbow. Reflect your own personal style with an artistic glass pipe, or pick a funny one sure to make your buddies laugh.

Whether you want a small glass pipe to take on the go, a larger one to use at home, or maybe even give a pipe as a gift, we have the glass pipe for you. Come down to Blaze Smoke Shop to have a look.


Blaze Smoke Shop sells all the gadgets you need, but we also have an extensive array of smoke accessories.

We have the best rolling papers, still a great way to enjoy your favorite tobacco products on the go. Our variety includes different sizes and even flavored papers. We have weighing scales, rolling trays and dab rigs. We even sell socks and hats!

We have a variety of colors and styles of grinders, the best way to break up a flower while keeping it fresh. We have stash cans to keep your tobacco fresh. We have all kinds of lighters and matches, a must among smoke shop accessories.

We also have everything you need among vape shop accessories, like vape pens and disposable vapes.

Our selection is always changing, so we have different slogans, colors and styles in all our accessories, with new products arriving all the time. If you’re looking for something, just ask our friendly staff. Chances are if you need it, we have it.