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Water Pipes

It can be confusing to try and figure out a water pipe versus a bong, or whether a water pipe is the same as a regular pipe.
That’s because a water pipe and a bong are basically the same, being a smoking device that filters smoke through water to cool it and filter it before you inhale it. The good stuff is not water soluble, so you get the effect you want in a smooth inhale.

Water pipe, bong and bubbler, Blaze Smoke Shop is your first choice for the best.

Using a water pipe dates back centuries, likely predating rolled cigarettes, and it remains a popular way to smoke. The design and performance continues to change and improve, from the water cylinder to the smoke tube.

Water bongs come with different styles of bases, from straight shaped to beakers or donuts. There are different mouthpieces, which can be straight or bent. Some have removable mouthpieces, so you can try different accessories. A glass bong is the most popular, but there are other materials used to make bongs, such as acrylic, silicone or ceramic.

choosing your water bong

components to consider



Some water pipes have a percolator, which also vary in style and shape. A percolator has holes that create bubbling action when you pull smoke through the glass water pipe. Those bubbles create extra filtration, and some users say it makes for a smoother smoke.

ice catcher or ice pinch

Another option for your water pipe, which is basically a holder, tray or tube with holes that fits inside the main neck, adding an extra cooling effect to the smoke.
And the decision that’s the most fun to make is the style and design of your glass water pipe.

We have pipes and bongs in different sizes, shapes and colors, as well as different materials. Our glass bongs are popular, so we have a lot of them, and you can display your own personal style with a unique design.

We have birds, so you can choose a macaw or parrot and head home with a brightly colored bong. Looking for a pink bong? We have that, plus every other color under the rainbow.

Want a smaller, more portable glass water bong, also known as a bubbler? We have those, too. Bubblers have a smaller water chamber, and also come in different shapes and designs.

Pick a small water pipe or a tower percolator, or one of each. With the selection we offer, we know you can find the perfect water pipe in every shape and size, to meet every smoker’s needs. There’s something for everyone, making it tough to decide, so you may have to take home more than one!

And whether you don’t know where to start, or you know exactly what you want, our smoke shop staff are knowledgeable and can help with whatever you need. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and outstanding product selection.

Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that our glass water pipes are all high quality. For price, durability and functionality in a glass water bong, choose Blaze Smoke Shop. You won’t be disappointed.