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Vaporization has been around for years as a way to smoke, but as with other industries, advancements have meant growth and change in vaporizers. You can choose a big, top-of-the-line vaporizer or a lower priced cigarette vaporizer. We have it all.

Why vaporize? There are two main reasons: it’s believed to be healthier and it doesn’t produce smoke and odor. That makes vaporizers discreet, and better for those around you. Vaporizers work by heating tobacco or herb to high heat but without reaching the combustion point. That means smoke won’t be produced, which also means no smell.

There are more advantages to using vaporizers.

Using a vaporizer, whether that’s a big one or the best e cigarette vaporizer, also gives you the full flavor of the tobacco without smoke overpowering the taste. You can use a vaporizer for dry herbs, or even CBD E Juice, which can help with relaxation, anxiety, sleep issues, and pain relief. A vaporizer takes tobacco, waxes, oil, or herbs and converts it to a smooth inhale. You get the effects and the flavor without the toxins released by a traditional cigarette or cigar.

You can use an E cigarette vaporizer pen in public because they don’t create smoke. You can choose a tabletop vaporizer or a portable vaporizer that’s small and easily concealed.

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We can set you up with a vaporizer or vape for home, and one to take on the go. We can provide advice on what to use in your vape, such as oil, concentrates, wax, CO2 oil, and other choices like electronic cigarette vaporizer liquid. We can’t promise it’s healthy, but we do know that vaping is considered to release fewer carcinogens than smoking, so it might be worth making the switch.

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