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Transport yourself to ancient Persia by enjoying a hookah.

What is hookah, you ask? It’s an ancient form of smoking using a single or multi-stemmed instrument that heats and vaporizes tobacco before you smoke it. The smoke passes through a water basin before you inhale it.

Hookah can still be used to smoke tobacco but it’s more common to use hookah pipes to vaporize what’s known as “shisha,” which is flavored and adds to the enjoyment. There are as many hookah flavors as there are different users.

Still popular in eastern and middle east countries like India and Nepal, hookah is gaining popularity here, and in fact Hookah Lounges are more and more common. It’s a great social activity and a way to enjoy a good smoke with friends, so why bother going to a hookah lounge when you can create your own with a hookah pipe at home?

At Blaze Smoke Shop, we have hookahs for sale for everyone. We have hookah pipes in every shape and size, including an extensive glass hookah collection.



If you’re just starting out, you don’t need to spend big money to get a hookah that looks and smokes great. We have hookahs for sale for every user and budget. If you’re more experienced, you can get a high-performance or more advanced hookah, such as one that’s bigger and has a larger water base. You can also choose among different types of hoses, such as silicone and easy to wash, or even disposable hoses. Then there’s the bowl and the coals, and finally the choice of tobacco or shisha.

Don’t be overwhelmed! It seems like a lot, but at Blaze Smoke Shop, we are here to help. Our staff can give you advice to set you up with a full hookah set. We also have accessories, whether you need a new hookah hose or you’re looking for hookah tobacco and the best hookah flavors. We can even set you up with a portable hookah, so you can take it with you to parties.

If you’re still wondering what’s the big deal, and why a smoke shop would also be a hookah shop, it’s simply because “to hookah” is to try a different culture and a new experience. Hookah is relaxing, sociable, and a way to spend time with old friends or get to know new ones.

After a long week at work, there’s nothing like sitting around a hookah with buddies, trying new hookah tobacco or whatever you’d like to smoke. Once you’ve explored our hookah shop, you may want more than one!

If you’re still wondering about it, talk to the experienced staff at Blaze Smoke Shop. We have the knowledge and expertise to answer any question and help you find the product to suit your taste and budget. We pride ourselves on being the top vape shop and smoke shop in Miami, so it’s no surprise we are also the best hookah store around.

Whether you’re new to this unique experience or you’re a veteran, the next time you search for “the best hookah shop near me,” remember Blaze Smoke Shop.